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  Riga today / Riga in the world / Representation of Riga’s interests in Moscow  

Representation of Riga’s interests in Moscow

Riga and Moscow are sister cities since 13.12.2001, when the agreement of cooperation in the areas of trade, economics, education, science, humanitarian and cultural affairs was signed. Representation was opened on March 31st in 2011.

Purpose and activity goals of the representation:

• Promotion of cooperation between entrepreneurs from Riga, Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation, including the promotion of export of Latvian goods and services;
• Promotion of Riga tourism possibilities and LIVE RIGA trademark in Moscow and regions of the Russian Federation;
• Promotion of cooperation between education establishments of Riga and Russian Federation;
• Implementation of cooperation projects in the cultural area;
• Implementation of mutual projects between Riga and Russian Federation sister cities.
The third cooperation program for years 2015-2017 between Riga City Council and the Moscow government was signed on December 11th, 2014.
Many projects concerning promotion of bilateral cooperation were carried out within the framework of the previously signed cooperation programs. That includes experience exchange between specialists and Riga municipality officers, as well as meetings involving such areas as city development, environment protection, entrepreneurship support, education, transportation and city traffic, sports and culture. Many tourism promotion events have also taken place. Many of the launched projects will also continue throughout the new cooperation period.
Economics is of the most important cooperation areas. Participation of Riga in the Moscow International Christmas market festival “A journey to Christmas” is a mutual project launched within the last two years. Citizens of Moscow have the chance to purchase Latvian goods at the market, participate in workshops lead by craftsmen from Riga and enjoy performances by dance and music collectives from Riga.
The most important events in the cultural area is the cooperation between Riga and Moscow theatres and art collectives, guest performances, as well as Riga City Days in Moscow and Moscow City Days in Riga.
Representation of the interests of Riga in Moscow is regulated by the advisor of the Chairman of the Riga City Council, Iveta Sers.
You are welcome to visit the Riga Representative Office in Moscow:
Krasnopresenskaja embankment 12, Entry 6, Office 1008, Moscow, 123610, Russian Federation
Telephone: +7 495 258 14 23, e-mail: moscow@riga.lv

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