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  Municipality / Informative material “Economic Profile of the City of Riga” and “Riga in Numbers”  

Informative material “Economic Profile of the City of Riga” and “Riga in Numbers” has been prepared

Each year the City Development Department of Riga City Council prepares informative statistical material “Economic Profile of the City of Riga” and “Riga in Numbers” to provide aid in attracting investors to Riga and to present the business environment and the local conditions.

These publications identify economic tendencies and main characteristics of the city’s economy which are of interest not only to potential investors, but also to existing and potential entrepreneurs who are considering establishing their company in Riga, as well as students, teachers, and other interested parties.

Riga wants to reach its growing and diversified development by facilitating the development of high-quality infrastructure and its availability to entrepreneurs, by providing aid to small and medium-sized businesses, by encouraging cooperation between the municipality, public institutions and the private sector, as well as by supporting the attraction of investments. The beneficial geographical position, the available and highly qualified specialists, the relatively low operating costs, and the growth of efficiency indicators, as well as the European culture in combination with an understanding of the business environment of our Eastern neighbours – these are the preconditions which not only facilitate the development of local businesses in Riga, but also attract foreign investors.

Publications “Economic Profile of the City of Riga 2015” and “Riga in Numbers 2015” summarise the information about Riga as an attractive investment destination, including statistical data on Riga’s economic competitiveness, economic indicators, economic activity of the population, and the priority economic sectors. They also provide the city’s profile – geographic data, a social and infrastructure description, as well as a description of the business environment encompassing information from the legal framework to municipal support to businesses, the availability of labour, and possibilities of international cooperation.

“Economic Profile of the City of Riga 2017”
“Riga in Numbers 2017”

“Economic Profile of the City of Riga 2016”
“Riga in Numbers 2016”

 “Economic Profile of the City of Riga”
“Riga in Numbers”

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