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Riga City Council Factions

A faction may be formed from at least three councillors representing one political party or one list of candidates.
Certain factions and/or councillors with no party affiliation may establish councillor blocs.

Membership, as well as any changes in factions and blocs has to be reported to the Mayor of Riga by submitting a statement signed by all representatives of the faction or the bloc about the establishment of the faction or the bloc of councillors.
Factions and blocs have the following rights:

• the right to proportional representation in the Riga City Council committees, and, to the extent possible, also in the commissions and working groups established by the Riga City Council;
• the right to request a 10-minutes break during the meeting, but not more than once while reviewing one and the same issue on the agenda.

List of factions:

The faction of political union of parties "Saskaņas centrs"
The faction of "Gods kalpot Rīgai!"
The faction "Vienotība"
National union "Visu Latvijai!"- "Tēvzemei un Brīvībai/LNNK"
The faction "Jaunā konservatīvā partija"
The faction "Latvijas Reģionu Apvienība, "Latvijas attīstībai""
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