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For the performance of specific municipal functions, the Riga City Council sets up commissions and working groups from among the Riga City councillors and residents of the municipality. The need to form such commissions and working groups is determined by specific laws, regulatory acts or by the Council’s decisions; specialists may be invited to work in such formations, with remuneration for their work paid from the municipal budget.

Commissions and working groups act in accordance with the regulations approved by the Council or with the duties specified in the meetings of the relevant commissions and working groups.

Members and chairpersons of such commissions and working groups for participation in the meetings of the commissions and working groups, as well as for performing duties assigned to them in accordance with the relevant decision of the Council, receive remuneration in the amount stipulated by the Republic of Latvia Cabinet of Ministers regulations.

Riga City Council Administrative Commission
Riga City Council Budget Commission
Riga City Election Commission
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