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  Municipality / Riga City Executive authority / Special Status Institutions / Riga Municipality Police  

Riga Municipality Police

Adress: Lomonosova Street 12A
Phone: 67037800
Fax: 67037880
E-mail: rpp@riga.lv

Riga Municipality Police is the structural Unit of Riga City Council operating in the administrative territory of the city of Riga. Its operations are determined by Riga Municipality Police Regulations adopted on July 1, 2003.

Riga Municipality Police is a law enforcement institution occupying a stable place in the system of the law enforcing institutions. It has a united complex structure, consisting of administration, six territorial (district) departments and specialised departments (services). The structure has changed several times in the time period between 1990 and 2003.

Main activity areas of Riga Municipality Police

• Control of observance of the binding regulations of Riga City Council and punishments for breaches of the above regulations;
• 24 hour calls service; review of the complaints, proposals and applications of legal entities and individuals;
• coordination of 02 calls between the Municipality Police and the State Police in order to ensure operative reaction to the public order violations;
• provision of public order during the state holidays, memorial days and visits of the foreign officials, in cooperation with the Security Police and National Police, including the Traffic Police and Latvian Parliament and President Security Service.
• providing for the operations of the bailiffs during the execution of the court verdicts;
• patrolling of the most frequently visited public places in Riga;
• ensuring the public order during pickets, meetings, commercial events, sports and leisure events;
• delivery of individuals, who have lost their mobility due to alcohol or narcotic intoxication, to the medical institutions or the place of residence;
• finding the places of illegal alcohol trade and terminating their activity;
• consumer rights protection and performing inspections of observing the trade regulations by trade and catering companies;
• organising general educational events at schools with the aim to introduce the children with the work of the police, as well as to introduce the children with their duties, rights and responsibilities; • removal of the children from social risk families, if the information is available that the health or life of the children is endangered in these families and placing the children with the state institutions, informing Riga Custody Court thereon;
• developing of help programs for people with social functioning problems, in cooperation with the municipality institutions;
• informing individuals on possibilities to receive the social assistance at special services;
• providing assistance to individuals in crisis situations or the ones suffering from violence within the competence of the municipality police;
• cooperation with stray animal control services;
• regular cooperation with the Tram and Trolley Bus Administration, Bus Park Imanta and Bus Park Tālava in control of the observance of the regulations of the public transport use;
• organizing of joint operations in cooperation with the State Revenue Service, State Veterinary Administration and other institutions at the places of street trading, markets and places where other services are provided.
• forceful delivery of individuals pursuant to the verdict of the court or the prosecutor’s office;
• delivery of the individuals, who have been declared as lacking legal capacity, to the psychiatrist, if these individuals endanger the health and life of other individuals or their own health or life;
• guarding of the crime sites, delivery of the offenders or suspects of criminal offences, who have been detained by the municipality police, to the National Police;
• provision of 24 hour guarding of especially important municipality objects;
• control and supervision of the criminal punishment – compulsory works, for convicts;
• control of observance of the parking regulations;
• provision of the public order at the cemeteries of the city of Riga;
• control of the observance of the State Language law;
• control of the observance of the copyrights and related rights;
• performing of the rescue works on the water bodies, on ice, under the water surface and provision of the emergency medical assistance at the beaches of Riga;
• performing of underwater works pursuant to the request of different institutions, if it is related with finding and recovery of drowned bodies or different objects;
• guaranteeing the security of the residents of the city of Riga in the cases of possible accidents, disasters and catastrophes and other emergency situations, inspecting the dangerous objects, drafting the evacuation plans, housing the victims of the disasters and provision of the primary social assistance.

The address of Riga Municipality Police is as follows:
Lomonosova iela 12a, Rīga, LV - 1019
Telephone: 67037803,
Fax: 67037880

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