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Riga Municipality Agency “Rīgas gaisma”

Address: Brivibas street 143/145, LV-1012  

The Riga city lighting network is operated and managed by the company “Rīgas gaisma” established in 1947. Since 2004, “Rīgas gaisma” is the Riga Municipality Agency, which in its operation acts in conformity with the Law on Public Agencies, the Riga Municipality Agency “Rīgas gaisma” Regulations and the Administration Agreement. The chief task of the Agency is operation of the external lighting networks of the roads (streets), squares, parks and other objects, which are the Riga Municipality property, as well as repairs and improvement of their qualitative indices.

In total, there are 1510 illuminated streets, parks, squares and residential districts.  “Rīgas gaisma” Agency services over 444 000 sources of light (the total installed power is 7 500 kW), 34 000 supports, 1760 km cables and overhead wire lines, about 4 000 electric distribution points.  The Agency also services 46 electric clocks installed in Riga. The Agency has 150 employees.
To perform the aforesaid tasks, the Agency uses 52 transport vehicles, of which 31 are special transport vehicles (lifting mechanisms, as well as 3 mobile cable damage detection laboratories).

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