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  Municipality / Catalogue of Structural Units  

E-mail addresses of the structural units of the Riga City Council

Mayor of Riga riga@riga.lv
Vice Mayor of Riga riga@riga.lv
Councillors riga@riga.lv
Executive Director of Riga City riga@riga.lv
City Development Committee riga@riga.lv
City Property Committee riga@riga.lv
Education, Culture and Sports Committee riga@riga.lv
Finance and Administration Issues Committee riga@riga.lv
Housing and Environment Comittee riga@riga.lv
Security, Corruption Prevention and Public Order Issues Committee riga@riga.lv
Social Issues Committee riga@riga.lv
Transport Issues Committee riga@riga.lv
Administrative Commission rdak@riga.lv
Audit Commission rk@riga.lv
Election Commission vk@riga.lv
Riga City State and Municipal Residential Houses Privatization Commission dmpk@riga.lv
Audit Directorate par@riga.lv
Riga Custody Court bt@riga.lv
Riga City Rent Directorate vi@riga.lv
Riga Municipal Police rpp@riga.lv
Foreign Affairs Division na@riga.lv
Information Technology Centre tc@riga.lv
Legal Directorate pj@riga.lv
Maintenance Division ns@riga.lv
Personnel Division np@riga.lv
Registry Office dzn@riga.lv
Secretariat sekretariats@riga.lv
State Language Service of the Riga City Council  vvd@riga.lv
Riga City Building Construction Directorate buvvalde@riga.lv
Visitors’ Reception Centre apc@riga.lv
Public Relations Division nsa@riga.lv
Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council www.iksd.riga.lv
Financial Department fd@riga.lv
City Development Department pad@riga.lv
City Development Department, iksd.admin@riga.lv
Housing and Environment Department mvd@riga.lv
Property Department di@riga.lv
Traffict Department ds@riga.lv
Welfare Department dl@riga.lv
Riga Energy Agency rea@riga.lv
Riga Municipal Agency „Rīgas pilsētas Arhitekta birojs” rpab@riga.lv

Structural units
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