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Boulevard Circle

In the middle of the 19th century fortification systems of Riga became morally obsolete and prevented the city development. In 1856 the Russian authorities annulled the fortress status for the inside Riga and dismantling of cumbersome buildings was started. In the result of dismantling ramparts in 1857–1863 vacant area appeared. Architects J. Felsko and O. Dīce developed the design for its improvement.


Approximately 300 - 300 m wide area with decorative greenery, lawns and parks and with the city channel in the centre was established there. Later the area was extended by adding Vērmanes Garden, formed in 1817, and by establishing boulevards lined with planted lindens. Buildings of public importance were also constructed in this area, in the result of which the so-called Boulevard Circle was created, which at present has become a real oasis in the 21st century metropolis.

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